Monday, 10 October 2011

Week 5 - Snow and Fire it bad that I don't actually remember what I did this week? lol.  This week was pretty typical, pretty much just the usual teaching routine, with a little bit of KSB messing up my pay to add a little spice to my life.  The cool thing was that the weekend gave us even more snow so there was around 1-2 inches on the ground.  It looks nice and it really wasn't too cold out.

Here's the view from my house across the road to Gillian's house.

Although the snow was fun, it didn't really last too long. On throughout the week it warmed up and over the weekend it was warm and a little rainy which took care of all the snow.

One of the excellent things that happened this week was that I actually got some mail! My parents sent me a nice letter and sent me a little bag of tea, which was great since I only had two types and they were both Chinese.  Ashleys package also came which was very exciting since it contained some awesome stuff! I got a new pair of crocks which came in quite handy so I had some school shoes.  I also got a cheese grater which was nice since I've been using a microplane to grate my cheese and let me tell you, it takes a long time.  I also got some reeces and this great sweet bits and bites (which are gone now...), stickers (which I used on the last math test I graded), chili powder (that I used this week for chili) and gears of war 3!!!! :) I've been waiting a while that that one! Ashley is just the bestest girlfriend ever!

Friday night dinner club was good.  This week heather made some delicious Veggie burgers, Gillian made a salad and I made some extremely large buns.  I think I got carried away since these suckers would have been big enough for a 1lb burger.  After dinner we followed up with some breaking bad, which was actually a good idea since I missed an episode and ended up being a little lost.

Saturday was my relax day, and since I had been playing Gears since Wednesday it was time to finish her off.  What an excellent game.  For once a series has not disappointed me in the least.  Strong story line, good conclusion, excellent game play (albeit a little easy since I played on Hardcore and finished in around 12-15 hours.  Anyway, after peeling myself away from the xbox, I had a fire with Gillian, Heather, Nancy and some little children.

I took a few pictures on the way.  It was a very nice night out, not too cold.  I'm really going to have to figure out what kind of trees these are.  I'm not used to coniferous trees changing color (except in acidic conditions..)

On our way up to the fire site Heather and I picked up some canine companions.  It is still weird to me that there are always so many random dogs just walking around.  Its also kinda odd that that the dogs themselves are all very friendly.  This is one fact that I do enjoy though.  I love dogs and the fact that you can hang out with them pretty much whenever you want is great.  Especially since I'm not currently willing to adopt a dog at this point.

But here is Heather and Gillian with one of our random dogs.  The fire was great.  We actually spent around 4 or 5 hours out there.  Nancy came around 8 or 9 I think? She had some delicious little packets of food that she cooked over the fire.  I tried one that was sliced Caribou with Onions.  It was quite good, not too gamy like when I tried Venison. It was a great day! We're hoping that the weather will be nice this Friday so we can have Friday dinner out in the woods.


  1. Hey we didn't hear about your trip with your students to the dump!

  2. Yeah, on Friday they decided that it was too cold outside so we just stayed in and watched a movie instead.

  3. That picture of the trees is beautiful! You should post more pics

  4. Nice, always wanted to try Caribou, what does it taste like?