Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Journey Begins - Part 2: To Kuujjuaq

So this morning I got up around 6am in order to get the shuttle to the airport for my 8am flight.  I managed to get through security fairly well considering the guy was speaking French, but I suppose my understanding is good enough! I got a little lost on my way to the gate, but I figured it out eventually.

So here's my plane.  It was little but not too little.  I think it said the seating limit was 76 or something.  The flight was alright.  I had cereal for breakfast on there with fruit and a muffin.  Not too shabby.  Glad I didn't go with the eggs (they didn't look too good).  The weird thing was that the flight was full of hunters.  Apparently Kuujjuaq is a big destination for them; who knew?  Anyway, the funny thing is that the landing strip is a little bit too short and the pilot had to actually turn the plane around after landing and drive back to the airport.

So here is the giant Kuujjuaq terminal...lol.  There is a counter for First Air and Air Inuit. The good thing is that it is literally impossible to get lost in this place.  Anywho, fortunately there was someone there to pick me up and took me to the pedagogy councilors house.  She gave me a better idea of what was in the curriculum and what to expect from the students and parents.  I'm glad I stopped here since I learned quite a bit and managed to get some good resources as well!  Looks like the last day of school before the Christmas break is December 21!

After finishing off for the day we went on a trip around Kuujjuaq so that I could get a look at everything.  The grocery store was larger than I thought it would be and had a pretty good selection, although the pop was $11 for a 2L and a can of diced tomatoes was around $3.75.  We went all the way to the top of this hill where there is a radar dome.  It was neat since it gave a really good view of everything.

One of the weird things I noticed was that there is a whole lot of dogs around here.  I said a German Shepherd, Huskies and all kinds of mutts.  On our trip to the radar ball we saw two dog sled teams just kinda tied up in the middle of nowhere, it was a little weird.  At least if I want to get a dog I won't have to look too hard.  Anyway, I got myself a modem and I have 512Mb of bandwidth a day so I should be good to go! tomorrow I depart for Kangiqsualujjuaq.  Hopefully my house will be as nice as the one I'm in now!

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  1. 76 seats is not bad. I took one to Athens, Georgia once with only 19. And a bruised tail bone. That sucked.