Monday, 5 September 2011

The Journey Begins - Part 1: To Montreal

So today was the first leg of my journey from Delhi to Kangiqsualujjuaq.  Ashley and I got up around 8am and made our way to Burlington by 10am.  From there we went with my parents to Dim Sum at the Dragon Mall in Mississauga. 

This is one of those traditional places where the people actually come around with the carts and you pick what you want off of them.  It was a great time! I haven't been to one of those places in a long time. Ashley had a good time with it too I think.  We usually only go to the Dim Sum places where you have to order in advance off of the menu.

From there we went to Pearson and I got on my flight to Montreal.  Now that is a quick flight! we were in the air for about 45minutes.  Essentially enough time to get your drink, get the cup taken away and then it's landing time.  On the plus side Air Canada actually has monitors on the backs of all the seats now.  It makes traveling much more fun and easy, but in this case I only got to see about 20min of Rango before it was time to land.

Anywho, It took a while for the baggage to get there.  Once I got my stuff and exited the airport I realized that I had no idea where the shuttle for the hotel was supposed to come.

I figured it out when I saw a mini-bus drive by with Comfort Inn printed on it; sadly that one drove away before I could actually get there.  After waiting around for about 45 minutes for another one I called the hotel and found out that the buses are on-call.  Who knew?  Anyway, once he came the drive was only about 5 minutes.  The hotel was good enough, pretty much what you would expect for $100 a night.

So I used the low-speed wifi and had a rather nice conversation with my Ashley on skype.  Hopefully the connection will be as good out in Kangiqsualujjuaq.  If so it won't be so bad.  We had a look around for places to eat and I went to Barbie's Restaurant in Dorval.

I figured I could use a walk so I walked the 2.4km to get there.  Haha, I know the place looks a little sketchy from this angle, but it was actually quite good.  The food was good and priced reasonably.  The service was friendly and quick.  I made it there around 6:30 and was good to go around 7:00.  Afterwards it was a nice 25min walk back to the hotel.  It really amazes me how many people actually speak English in Montreal.

Tomorrow will be part 2 of the journey as I fly from Montreal to Kuujjuaq.

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  1. Barbie's Restaurant looks REALLY sketchy! And Rango is good - you should watch the rest if you get a chance.