Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Journey Begins - Part 3: To Kangiqsualujjuaq

Well, I finally made it to Kangiqsualujjuaq.  But lets rewind for a moment here and talk about the super-boring day I had while I was in Kuujjuaq.  We rescheduled my flight since I got all the information I needed from the pedagogy councellor and I was supposed to get on the 9:30 flight....woohoo! So I went to the airport around 8 so that I would have plenty of time.  Around 8:30 they tell us that the flight is delayed until 1:30 since they needed the current plane for something else.  That's a bit of a pain, but 4 hours is okay I guess.  I figured I could tough it out.  Around 12:30 they tell us that the flight is canceled and I'm going on the 3:30 flight.  At this point I'm kinda pissed off since if I had known that I would have just gone into town and got something to eat.  The major problem lay in the fact that it is about a 3-4km walk into town from the airport.  On the plus side I went out for a short walk and got a picture of the town.

So I gave up and started eating out of the vending machine (which actually turned out to be not much more expensive than your average airport machines with everything costing around $2.  I ended up getting a bag of chips and 2 bounty bars (So much for healthy eating).  Around 2:00 the guy comes by and says that there are further delays until 6:30.  At this point I'm wondering if I'm actually going to make it outta there in the same day.  Evidently I wasn't the only one who was bored since some little kid started throwing his stuffed frog at me and we ended up playing pass the from for about half an hour...

So as you can see from this picture, it is actually literally IMPOSSIBLE to actually get lost or confused in the Kuujjuaq airport.   There are the two counters you see here and about 40 seats.  Anyway, we took off at 6:30, finally!!!

So this was definitely the smallest aircraft I've ever been on!  I think the total amount of seating was for about 10 people.  It was kinda neat though I could see the GPS in the pilots cabin and track how far we'd gone.  I found that I actually don't mind being on these small planes.  Although the fact that we were only in the air for about 35 minutes probably helped.  Anywho, the fog was pretty thick and we just managed to get into Kangiqsualujjuaq.  About an hour after landing the fog started to hit the ground.  Fortunately the principal Mark and another teacher came by the airport to pick me up and drive me into town.  Mark and his wife Nancy had me over at their house for dinner.  It was a great change from stale chips and chocolate bars.  I think I'll take some more pictures this weekend to give you an idea of what this town is like.

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  1. Kuujjuaq airport is pretty nice for such a small airport.